Aside from our close nature as a family, the backbone of Overchill the Label has been our commitment to adhering to a framework solely based on sustainable practices.In an effort to reduce our impact on the planet, our clothes are one of one pieces sourced from both vintage and recycled materials allowing each piece to be re-used and re-loved. We recognize the devastating impact textile production has on our planet and by Upcycling materials, we’re able to reduce water, energy, and landfill waste while producing high-quality materials. 





We pride ourselves on taking the extra step to be the most sustainable we can be. Our packaging, along with our marketing material, is certified eco-friendly. We use the highest possible percentages of recycled content and sustainably harvested paper. Additionally, we use “low VOC” or “vegetable based inks” which is widely recognized as an environmentally friendly choice. 



Future Goals


While we pride ourselves on our low waste methods, there's always room for growth. We look up to other brands aspiring for 100% sustainability and want to achieve the same goal. As we grow as a company, we plan to utilize resources that will allow us to continue our journey towards a greener future, and educate communities on the affects of fast fashion on environmental waste.